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Inauguration of the World's first 7G Infinity GTI 25 Years warranty by Shri Nitinji Gadkari (Union MoRTH Government of India),

Wed Feb 07 2024

Honorable Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari unveiled the KSolare 7G Infinity Solar Inverter, setting a new standard with an exceptional warranty of 25 years. This is a historic moment as the inverter is the first in the world, designed and developed entirely in made in India.

The 7G Infinity GTI model employs cutting-edge technology, including Silicon Nitrate heat management, Quad-core multiplex chipset, Silicon Carbide semiconductors, and special circuitry with high mean time between failures. In addition, the model provides free online remote monitoring on an Indian server for data security.

Ksolare's MD, Mr. Sunil Sinnarkar, addressed the demand for an inverter that is comparable to the warranty and reliability of solar modules during the launch. The Indian market is filled with imported inverters that lack the durability to withstand extreme temperatures and grid instability, which causes them to close within just a few years of existence

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