Warranty terms :

  • Applicable for Manufacturing Defect/workmanship under normal condition from date of supply.
  • The warranty covers the cost of repairs or replacement parts. The Goods must be returned to the Company for inspection
  • The company may repair or replace faulty components at its discretion free cost
  • In case of old, totally damaged unit the inverter should be send to factory for repair.

Warranty Extension :

Can be given (Up to 11 years) by additional cost. Contact: service@ksolare.com

Warranty Limitations :

The warranty is valid only for Goods purchased either directly from the company or from an authorized reseller/ Distributor of the company

  • The warranty is not transferable and applies to brand new Goods only.
  • Defective parts replaced under warranty become the property of the company.
  • The warranty does not cover:
    1. a.Consequential damages including but not limited to loss of revenue;
    2. b.Claims by third parties other than the customer;
    3. c.External protection accessories to installation not supplied by the company;
    4. d.Damage /loss to goods caused by misuse, improper handling, unauthorized modification, accidental or wilful damage
    5. e.Damage/loss of goods due to not connecting external protections like SPD, MCB, MCCB, RCB AC/DC Earthling, Lighting arrestor , High string voltage, exceeding the VOC limits at DC side( Except installation done by company)
    6. f.Warranty does not include if AC voltage goes above 40%
    7. g.Service may be delay due to natural calamities and pandemic situations due to act of god such as Earth quake, droughts, flood, drains, drains, cyclone, strikes, heave rain, lockdown etc.
    8. h.Company will not be responsible for any generation losses held due to permissible delay in service.
    9. i.Replacement unit not installed by ksolare service
    10. j.Company will not be responsible for any calamities & pandemic
    11. k.The inverter should be installed as per the guidelines given in user manual. Improper installation practices may lead to the warranty termination.
    12. l.Wi-Fi / zero export installation cost is extra.
    13. m.11 year warranty for Wi-Fi/GPRS/RS485/Zero export.

Warning :

We strongly recommend to use SPD’s, LA’s, AC Cables as per link www.ksolare.com with proper lugs Crimping, also to use SPD’s/Fuses compulsory in maximum voltage fluctuation area. If you are not using ACBD/DCDB then it is compulsory to use MCB’s/DC/fuse respectively in unstable grid condition.

Warranty claims procedure :

  • To make warranty claim the following information needs to be provided:
  • Completed KMS inspection from (can be downloaded from www.ksolare.com with sr. no date of purchases, invoice copy etc. To be mailed.
  • Copy of the installation report and warranty certificate

The company engineer / authorized reseller will liaise with the company regarding repair or replacement. The cost of repair or replacement will be borne by the company provided the warranty has been validates as per above terms and the warranty period has not expired.

Where repairs must be affected at the company’s headquarters, the company will endeavor to minimize the down time for the goods..


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