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KSolare Energy Introducing a 7G Infinity On Grid Inverter 25 year’s unconditional warranty product at REI Expo 2023

Sat Oct 21 2023

Ksolare is a leading solar inverter manufacturer in India, with over 35 years of experience in the solar industry. The company is known for its high-quality solar inverters that are designed to maximize the performance of solar PV systems. The company's inverters are reliable, efficient, and durable, making them the preferred choice for many customers across India.

In this event, we showed 5G Pro plus Grid Inverter, the World’s 1st 7G Infinity On-grid Inverter (25 years unconditional warranty), Hybrid inverter, and 5G ultra 

Ksolare booth 11.144 also featured a comprеhеnsivе range of solar solutions products 

Latest New Technology - 

7G Infinity On-grid Inverter -

Key Features -

  • Quad Core Multicore Ti-chipset
  • SIC Semiconductors
  • Silicon Nitrate Heat Management 
  • Very High MTBF components
  • Individual isolated PS for individual SC
  • Special circuit with high surge caring capacity 
  • Inbuilt super-fast WIFI with supersonic antenna & watchdog circuitry for 3-level protection


5G Pro Grid Inverter -

Key Features -

  • IP 65 with fire, water, and IK 10 resistance cabinet
  • PCB Level testing ICT and FCT  for 0% failure with conformal coating 
  • 100% Indian design to work in harsh Indian environmental conditions
  • SNHM technique with higher temperature derating 60c 
  • Component level repairing with onsite service
  • Wide voltage range and low start-up voltage
  • Ti Third Generation DSP for High Energy Generation



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