5G MEGA HV Three Phase - 250kW

250 kW | 12 MPPT  |  Three Phase
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5G MEGA HV Three Phase - 250kW

Leading Features :-

  • Made in India, with Inhouse Factory Inspection.
  • 1500VDC with 800VAC (having 99.99% efficiency).
  • IV Curve scan & diagnosis, Anti PID & Arc fault Detector
  • Inhouse Testing facility available for PDI.
  • Heat pipe technology for a reduction in temperature.
  • IP 66 external protection for weatherproof conditions + Cô Protection.
  • Reactive power compensation for stabilization of Grid.
  • Onsite & offsite Protection with RMS via Bluetooth/WIFI/GPRS Connectivity with CUF+PR display (PLC Control available with Rs485) in addition we can offer data storage.
  • +/-30% AC Bandwidth.
  • Intelligence German makes IQ fans more reliable & increasing the derating factor.
  • Infineon IGBT from Germany for more reliability.
  • Earthing Leakage AC, Isolation Leakage DC, low RFI & EMI, type II SPDs for both AC/DC sides.
  • All Inverters can be serviced & repaired at the site with SMD components service TAT 24-36WH.


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