KSY 6G Hybrid

7 kW to 8 kW | 2 MPPT  |  99% Efficiency
Picture of the product

KSY 6G Hybrid

Leading Features :-

  • Accessible through a LCD touch screen and through the web Improve your energy with Zero- Electricity bill
  • Battery Communication for lithium battery
  • ON-Grid/OFF-Grid/Hybrid/U KSY Hybrid series is suitable and OFF-Grid applications. Can without Grid & Battery, Contro
  • Physical and electrical dual isolation, Earth Leakage Curre Monitoring, Anti-Island protection Insulation detection, and so on
  • Control and monitor your smart system on the move via our monitoring App and website
  • Charge from the grid at off-pea when energy is cheaper, and dis peak time when energy is more 


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